Cat Resources

We highly recommend these reliable links when you are searching for more information regarding your cat's health. While these websites are places to start gathering information, please do not rely on them alone to make health care decisions your cat – contact us with your questions and let's work together to reach a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

Cornell Feline Health Center
- an excellent source of both general and in-depth health information on cats.

The CATalyst Council - dedicated to raising the level of care and welfare of cats. It's All About the Cat! - answering your questions about all kinds of pet health topics including medications, therapies, surgery, behavior and safety.

The Indoor Pet Initiative from the Ohio State University - helping your indoor cats have the best life possible. Advice on everything from meeting their basic needs to helping them deal with stressful situations.

Comprehensive information on caring for cats with chronic kidney disease (the most common illness of senior cats)

Need help raising an orphaned or abandoned kitten? This young lady’s videos are very thorough and offer great tips:

Why does my indoor-only cat need a rabies vaccination?

Advice on cleaning up cat urine:

Information on pet poisoning:

Looking to adopt a cat?

Information on pet loss and grief support:

Pet Travel Page from the U.S. Department of Agriculture:

Food and Drug Administration Veterinary Page