We offer a wide array of both soft tissue and orthopedic surgical procedures, from routine spaying and neutering to abdominal surgeries and repairing fractures. For more specialized surgeries, a board-certified surgeon will come to the clinic, or we can refer you to one of several excellent surgery facilities in the Denver area.

All patients receive intensive intraoperative monitoring that includes ECG, blood pressure and blood oxygen level. We have chosen to use sevoflurane gas anesthesia for our patients – it allows rapid induction and "fine-tuning" of anesthetic depth, and provides smooth and quick recoveries. Sevoflurane is often considered the anesthesia of choice for human pediatric surgery.

We are also strong advocates of multi-modal pain management, and provide numerous options tailored to the patient.

Purrfect Cat Hospital Surgery
X-ray of a cat that ate a girl's hair tie

Lone Tree Cat Hospital X-ray
X-ray of a cat with numerous bladder stones