Dentistry at Purrfect Health Cat Hospital

Healthy teeth and gums are critical to your cat's overall health throughout their life. Chronic gingivitis and periodontal disease not only cause discomfort within the mouth, but the bacteria associated with them can predispose your cat to kidney, liver and heart disease. Not to mention knocking you out with bad breath!

Cats are also prone to a unique dental problem known as resorptive lesions. These are essentially "internal cavities" that weaken the tooth structure and cause very sensitive teeth. The lesions can also lead to fractured teeth. These lesions may be obvious during a physical exam, or they may be identified during a dental cleaning.

Purrfect Health Dentistry
The pink, fleshy spot on the back of this tooth is a classic resorptive lesion.

We offer comprehensive dental care that includes teaching you how to care for your cat's teeth at home, as well as dental cleanings and extractions when indicated. For very specialized dental problems we work with board-certified veterinary dentists.

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